The Complete Jacques Tati available in US !

An awesome box set (DVD or BluRay) designed by David Merveille.


The Comic Genius of Jaques Tati

Rediscover the newly restored films of the loveable French actor-director Jaques Tati at BFI Southbank this month.


PlayTime in London

Rediscover Jacques Tati's most daring film, 'PlayTime' on a wonderfully restored 4K DCP print. Preview on Mon 20 Oct at Ciné Lumière, introduced by Jérôme Deschamps from Les Films de Mon Oncle.


"Magnificent Tati"

Look at Tati’s film career with Michael House, whose new documentary is “The Magnificent Tati.”


Don't miss the Jacques Tati retrospective in USA !

This Winter, the French Embassy is proud to bring you gloriously restored 35mm prints of Jacques Tati’s six feature films: Monsieur Hulot’s Holiday, Playtime, Mon Oncle, his long-dreamed-of colorized version of Jour de Fête, the revelatory Traffic, and the little-seen Parade;along with three short sketch films.

Several retrospectives are organized in different parts of the country sponsored by the Cultural Services of the French Embassy:

\"-\" New York, NY - Museum of Modern Art in December

\"-\" Seattle, WA - Seattle International Film Festival in January

\"-\" San Francisco, CA - Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in January and February

\"-\" Berkeley, CA - Pacific Film Archive in February

\"-\" Boston, MA - Brattle Theater in February

\"-\" Chicago, IL - Gene Siskel Film Center in February

\"-\" Rochester, NY - George Eastman House in March

Dates and venues are subject to change. Please check the website of the venues for updates and more details (

Tati was also one of its most radical modernists and one of cinema’s greatest comedians. His experiments with sound, color, image, language, and technology are a fundamental, if often overlooked, bridge between the innovations of Buster Keaton and Max Linder in the silent era and those of his contemporaries Jean-Luc Godard, Marguerite Duras, and Robert Bresson—and have had an unmistakable influence on the style and humor of many filmmakers today, from from Roy Andersson to Wes Anderson, Otar Iosseliani to Elia Sylvain, Takeshi Kitano to Sylvain Chomet. Through his long-take, deep-focus, all-over tableaux, a Babel of languages, and a musique concrete of machines gone haywire, Tati creates an entire cosmos, a meticulously choreographed chaos in a Cartesian world, and a singularly new, transformative, and democratic way of experiencing the moving image. In this way, as in so many others, Tati celebrates the importance of being playful.


Thanks to Karen Rispal, Cultural Counselor




October 2006


There is new on : click on the plane in the sky of tativille to play to our quizz and test your knowledge on Jacques Tati !

In tativille, we are also preparing the restoration of Mister Hulot’s Holiday. The DVD is on his way too, the postman will put it in your shops at the end of the year 2007, it will join there Play Time and My Uncle wich are still waiting for you (Naïve)…

In 2007, Jacques Tati will be 100 years old ! at this occasion, the town where he shot Big Day, Sainte-Sévère sur Indre, will open a Tati House, dedicated to the shooting of Big Day. A lot of events will happen through the world (all his movies will be screened in New York in april 2007.).

And a surprise : in 2009, L’Illusioniste, the film that Jacques Tati has never made, will be on theaters. The director is Sylvain Chomet, the director of Les Triplettes de Belleville !

Dear Friends, good bye and I hope to see you soon for more news !

Your postman.