10- What was the last screenplay Jacques Tati wrote?



My Uncle’s trip

9- To what discipline does Jacques Tati pay homage in last film Parade?

To the Music-Hall.

TO the cinema.

To the circus.

8- How did Tati have the idea of Trafic ?

After a serious car acciddent.

Passing by at the car show.

Observing the drivers on the highway.

7- Where did Jacques Tati find the setting of the modern Paris of Play Time?

He shot the movie at « La Défense » in Paris.

He built the city.

He shot the movie in New York.

6- What happened to the dogs of My Uncle after the shooting ?

Jacques Tati made them adopt putting an add in the newspaper.

They went back to the pound.

Jacques Tati adopted them all.

5- What prize did Jacques Tati win for Mister Hulot’s Holiday ?

The Grand Prix du Jury of the Cannes’s Festival.

The Louis Delluc’s prize.

The Grand Prix du cinéma Français.

4-Why does François, the postman (Big Day) ride so fast ?

To be as fast as the american post.

To be graduated best pupil of the school for postmen.

To finish his job earlier.

3- How many short movies did Jacques Tati direct ?




2- What was the job of Jacques Tati before doing cinema ?


Picture framer

Music Hall artist

1- What was Jacques Tati real name ?

Jacques Tatischvilli

Jacques Tatischeff

Jacques Tatischov